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How the earth stopped spinning would transform the world

As scientists predict, if the Earth stops spinning, we will only be a month away from Revelation.

We know that the Earth revolves around the Sun every day. With speeds of up to 108,000 km / h, our planet moves 940 km in a single rotation.

The orbit also makes the distance between the Earth and the Sun constantly changing from day to day. As a result, the time when Earth is closest to the Sun is called Perihelion, which occurs on January 3 of each year when the two planets are approximately 147,098,074 km apart.

In contrast, the weather of Aphelion – which occurred on July 4, created a distance between the Earth and the Sun 152,097,701 km.

Along with this, the Earth does not move in a circular orbit but much like an oval or is called an elliptical orbit. This orbit has an eccentricity less than 0.02, so it looks like it’s a demand curve.

According to experts, Earth’s orbit also partly affects human life on this planet. Therefore, according to the point of view of scientist Aatish Bhatia, the movement of the Earth around the Sun will help us not to be too close to this planet and not get burnt by its heat.

But have you ever wondered, if the Earth we stopped spinning, what would be the result?

Trái đất ngừng quay sẽ biến đổi thế giới như thế nào 2According to scientist Aatish Bhatia, if the Earth stops rotating, the planet will be engulfed and everything on Earth will be destroyed in 64 days. More precisely:

– During the first few days, the frictional force caused by the Earth’s rotation to stop the collision with the winds was enough to detonate many unprecedented large fires.

On day 21, the global average temperature will reach 95 degrees F (around 35 degrees C) and all crops will be ruined.

Trái đất ngừng quay sẽ biến đổi thế giới như thế nào 3– On day 35, the entire Earth will become extremely hot. “Even the Sahara silver ant – the world’s best heat-tolerant animal cannot survive,” Mr Bhatia said.

Sahara ants can inherently survive temperatures up to 70 degrees C (about 158 degrees F). Like other scavengers, this animal eats the corpses of creatures that have died from the heat of the desert. As for humans, we can only survive in fresh air.

Trái đất ngừng quay sẽ biến đổi thế giới như thế nào 4– On the 47th day, all of Earth’s oceans will boil and all living things will be destroyed.

Tardigrades – an ancient legendary creature then would be fine, but also couldn’t last beyond the 54th.

Trái đất ngừng quay sẽ biến đổi thế giới như thế nào 5

– At noon on the 64th day, after reaching the temperature that can be melted all over the earth, the tide pushed by the Sun will cause the ground to collapse.

Before reaching this 64th date, scientists calculated that if the Earth stopped rotating, half of the Earth’s surface would be daylight, the other half would be in darkness forever.

Trái đất ngừng quay sẽ biến đổi thế giới như thế nào 6
It will directly affect living organisms. Specifically, in semi-darkness, sunlight will shine 24 hours a day, animals – plants on Earth will take a long time to adapt to the new natural conditions, which means that many species will be great. strains.

In the midst of darkness, without sunlight, plants here will not be able to photosynthesize and grow, leading to ecological imbalance and directly affecting animals here.

Although these prospects are extremely frightening, but according to experts, the possibility that the Earth will stop spinning will not happen in a few billion years. So, please “hold your pillow” to enjoy this fun life!

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