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How old is the mysterious Stonehenge site in England and where does it come from?

Finally, the secret of the Stonehenge rocks has been revealed after decades through the efforts of archaeologists.

Decoding the Mystery of Stonehenge

How old is Stonehenge?

These rocks have been there for about 5,000 years. Experts say it was erected somewhere between 3000 and 2000 BC.

Stonehenge is one of Britain’s most famous historical monuments.

By observing the roads around the monument, you can immediately notice that Stonehenge was built in a circle of vertical rocks. Each is approximately 4.1 meters high, 2.1 meters wide and weighs 25 tons.

This monument was built in three phases. The outer layer was erected around 3000 BC, while the decorative stones inside were erected around 2500 BC.

Hundreds of people contributed to the construction of this unique monument. They transported rocks from the Marlborough Lowlands and Mount Preseli in South West Wales. They then used sandstone blocks and flint hammer-shaped tools to shape the blocks of Stonehenge.

This relic, along with hundreds of other tombs, is part of the Neolithic and Bronze Age group of relics.

Where is Stonehenge located?

Stonehenge is located on Salisbury Plain in Amesbury, approximately eight miles north of Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. From London you can take around 2.5 hours by car to get to this location.

Nơi các tảng đá khổng lồ này sinh ra

Scientists have just discovered where these giant rocks were born, namely the West Woods in Wiltshire, 15 miles from the site of the Stonehenge ruins.

In 1986, this monument was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is one of the UK’s most attractive tourist destinations according to the Instagram site vote.

Who built Stonehenge?

Part of the mystique of Stonehenge is that it was created from prehistoric times without a record. Scientists still wonder why and how the ancients created this monument and why.

Archaeologists believe this monument was created by three groups of people. These are people of the Neolithic, Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age and West Saxons. It is said that the West Saxons perfected this monument as we see it today.

Người ta cho rằng hàng trăm người cổ đại đã tham gia xây dựng nên Stonehenge.

It is believed that hundreds of ancient people were involved in the construction of Stonehenge.

And another theory, initiated by archaeologist Mike Pitts, is that these rocks have been around for millions of years before humans appeared. It was only a coincidence that the rocks were aligned with the sun at the summer solstice, he said. It was because of this random alignment that the people of ancient England noticed it and decided to complete it into a monumental area. In addition, there are other theories such as Stonehenge is a sacred burial site, or an observatory, or a place of healing.

This relic was previously believed to be a sanctuary for nobles, but today we know it dates back 2,000 years before society had aristocracy.

What does Stonehenge have to do with the winter solstice and the summer solstice?

Stonehenge is a monument in line with the sunrise in midsummer and the sunset in midsummer.

At the summer solstice, the sun rises behind a rock called the heel stone. This is the old entrance to the stone circle, and the sun’s rays shine directly into the center of the monument. The summer solstice is the day when one of the Earth’s poles is most tilted towards the Sun and the Sun is at the highest position in the sky as seen from Earth, so it is the day with the longest period of day of the year. .

It is believed that the ancients celebrated the summer solstice and winter solstice at Stonehenge thousands of years ago.

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