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A series of red celestial bodies turn blue in the “monsters” of Earth

Because it is a monster-type galaxy, the Milky Way contains Earth with a dignified central black hole. Even though he’s still asleep, he’s still causing incredible phenomena in the core of the galaxy.

The team led by Dr Michal Zajaček, an astrophysicist from the Polish Academy of Sciences, discovered a strange phenomenon near the center of the Milky Way – the galaxy that contained Earth. It is the emergence of mysterious blue stars that seem to encircle the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy.

The center of the “monster” containing the Milky Way Earth in redesigned images from the world’s most modern observatories is an area of ​​space agitated by red-colored black holes from radio waves; blue and green X-rays – (Photo: X-RAY: CXC / NASA, D.WANG ET AL./UMASS; RADIO: MEERKAT / SARAO).

According to previous studies, our galaxy is a “monster” galaxy, which is very large and has engulfed almost 20 smaller galaxies to reach current stature. The center of the galaxy is also a “corresponding” heart: the black hole Sagittarius A *, also the “monster” of “monster black holes”, a term that astronomers use to refer to black holes. super big, very heavy and very fierce.

Science News quoted Dr Zajaček as saying that even if he was asleep, Sagittarius A * is still responsible for the swarm of blue stars surrounding him: this black hole released powerful bursts of gas, tearing apart the outer layers of red giants, a form of large stars commonly found in the universe, transforming them into smaller red stars or completely blue.

The cool blue color, up to the stars, represents incredible warmth. Normally yellow or orange stars like our Sun, when the outer layers expand, cool the surface, and transform into a giant cold red star. But when “peeled” by a black hole, these stars only end up with extremely hot nuclei with a deadly blue tint.

According to Dr. Tuan Do, an astronomer at the University of California at Los Angeles, co-author that these gas jets may have formed a disc orbiting the black hole millions of years ago. The red stars dive into this disc and fade, creating a disc 1.6 light-years thick around the black hole that is almost empty of red stars.

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