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Forcing her cat to take a bath, the girl was almost “depressed” because “the original appearance”

In the end, the girl did manage to get her cat to bathe, but this success left her almost “depressed” right after the spraying process.
Today, many young people choose to breed cats to create more joie de vivre, to alleviate the tedious part. Cats are not dogs, don’t need to walk, don’t spend too much time playing with them because they really only need good food and sleep in quiet places.

However, the seemingly simple task of raising cats comes across a very difficult problem which is sure to be encountered by all who have raised cats. In other words, most cats are afraid to bathe, they are so afraid that they can get angry and scratch their owners.

For this reason, most people assume that cats are naturally afraid of water. However, the girl named Tieu Van (China) in the following story does not think so. She thinks they are afraid to bathe because they are afraid to “show their original form”.

The story begins when she graduated from high school, leaving her family to travel to town to attend college. Due to the boring student life, she decided to go to the pet store to buy a cat to feed. The cat she chooses is an English cat with a nice fat appearance and beautiful ruffled fur.

Bringing the cat home, she took the time to take care of it and play with it. Until one day, she realized, my pet cat is too long, easily dirty, and smells bad. So she decided to take the cat’s bath.

Seeming to know what was going to happen, Tieu Van’s pet cat protested strongly, running away and growling in anger, saying “don’t be stupid, but take me to the bathroom”.

Of course, with her experience shared by “Ms. Google”, Tieu Van understands that cats don’t like to bathe, so the other reaction is also normal, she continues to struggle, forcing her to take a bath.

Eventually she was successful, but this success left her almost “depressed” after the spraying process. From a fat cat with “sexy” fur, he “came to life” in a skinny “stick”.

Tieu Van was stunned by the wet cat’s hateful eyes. At that moment, Tieu Van suddenly realized, perhaps, that cats are afraid to bathe, not because they hate water, but they are afraid of being “exposed to their own.” original form ”, returning to their most honest form with their weight.

The shock is so shocking, but Tieu Van still does not blame the cat, the nature that gives them the “false” beauty is also accepted. “If you fall in love, you should accept each other’s tough turns, right?” – Tieu Van reassured me like that …

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