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Find a whole new origin on the birth of the Moon

Space experts have recently developed new theories about the formation of the Moon.

Have you ever looked at the Moon and wondered where this “splendid sphere” came from? A recent study by scientists hypothesized that the Moon formed from debris left behind by a collision between a young Earth and a solid object the size of Mars. . According to this theory, this collision also created patches of nocturnal light in the universe.

According to, analysis of the rocky soil on the Moon and on Earth partially shows the correctness of the hypothesis: Earth was once hit by a planet the size of Mars, thus forming the Moon.

This hypothesis is called the Giant Impact Hypothesis, proposed in the 1970s, but so far no one has been able to find a mysterious celestial called Theia – colliding with Earth. How is it.

According to this theory, more than 60% of the lunar matter comes from Theia’s celestial body, about half of the rest comes from the Earth. This is consistent with the study which shows that the Moon contains matter in the celestial body which collided with the Earth.

Previous studies have shown that the ratios of isotopes such as oxygen, titanium, silicon … in all planets in the solar system are different, but they are on the Moon and Earth. exactly the same.

This contrasts with the theoretical model of the Great Collision Hypothesis – which states that the Moon is mainly composed of matter from the planet Theia, so its composition should be different from that of Earth. .

Lead author of the study, astronomer Allesandra Mastrobuono-Battisi of the University of Israel in Haifa, said: “According to the analysis, the Earth and the Moon are actually twins. in very small layers of rock and hard to detect, but they do exist.

That is, we can now sufficiently confirm that there was a massive collision between Theia and Earth and that we have a general understanding of the geological and chemical state of Theia. “.

Space experts say that each planet is made of materials that can be distinguished from each other. However, this coincidence is quite interesting because by studying most samples of lunar soil, experts estimate that it contains around 70 to 90% of Theia’s material. Currently, experts continue to study to be able to give the most accurate solution on the formation of the Moon.

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