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Failed invasions in world history

Some of the invasions failed by military rulers with the main reasons for contempt, lack of supplies, thoughtful logistics …

3 unexpected failed invasions in world history
Napoleon invades Russia

Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Russia in 1812. It was a painful and failed invasion by this world leader.

While on the verge of victory, Napoleon led a large army of around 450,000 to 600,000 to attack Russia. During this time, the Russians had around 200,000 troops and avoided most direct clashes with Napoleon’s troops. Due to the lack of careful preparation of supplies, risking a quick military victory that lasted no more than three weeks, Napoleon’s army struggled.

Specifically, Russia decided to stop fighting and destroy crops and supplies during the withdrawal, tricking Napoleon’s army into going deeper into forests, swamps and vast grasslands. Due to the lack of food and medicine … around 5,000 Napoleon’s soldiers died every day from illnesses, suicides and among them defectors. In addition, Napoleon’s horses also died at a speed of 50 / km, mainly due to unsanitary food and drink. Adverse weather conditions were also one of the reasons why the Napoleonic army had many drawbacks during its invasion of Russia.

Due to the continued withdrawal from Russia, Napoleon entered Moscow on September 14 of the same year, but only a quarter of his troops remained. However, Moscow also implemented a “no empty garden” policy at this time which forced Napoleon to withdraw his troops to France in October 1812.

The failed siege of Gibraltar by France and Spain

Những cuộc xâm lược thất bại trong lịch sử thế giới

In 1779, France and Spain proceeded with the British siege of Gibraltar. This siege lasted 3 years and 7 months. Although the correlation of British forces in Gibraltar is much weaker than that of the French and Spanish coalitions, with an ingenious fighting style, Britain survived a siege that lasted nearly four years.

British Admiral George Rodney passed through the siege of Spain to resupply himself with food and supplies. In February 1783, the Spanish and French forces had to give up and Gibraltar won the war to defend the territory. The French and Spanish sides failed with the loss of 6,000 soldiers and the destruction of 10 warships.

Operation Barbarossa

Barbarossa is a code-named campaign to invade the Soviet Union from Nazi Germany conducted from 6/22/1941 to 2/2/1943. Around this time, Hitler embraced his dream of invading the Soviet Union. This war saw both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union mobilize great military power.

About 8.9 million soldiers, over 18,000 tanks, 45,000 aircraft and around 50,000 guns were deployed during the war.

Những cuộc xâm lược thất bại trong lịch sử thế giới

The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the bloodiest battles between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Attacking the Soviet Union with powerful force, the Hitler Army reached the area 320 km from Moscow after just three weeks of launching the attack. However, Hitler’s dream of conquering the Soviet Union was quickly dashed when the Soviet Army fought back fiercely.

Many bloody battles broke out between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. In this one, the bloodiest battle is the victory of Stalingrad. In this war, the Nazis were shattered and suffered a disastrous defeat, ending the invasion of the Soviet Union.

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