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Extremely shocked with “monster” dolphin head, eel body appearing to Nam Dinh

A strange fish has just been discovered in Nam Dinh, which makes many people curious and wonder what kind of fish it is.

Recently, a resident caught a strange fish in the Nui Ngam ecotourism area, Nam Dinh. The fish has a very “weird” shape, never seen before.

From the images obtained, the fish has a pointed head like a “dinosaur”, especially the beak is quite like a dolphin, the body is black, with dark yellow and gray lines that run alternately. The body of the fish is quite similar to that of the eel.

As soon as it was put online, this strange fish has been loved, commented on and shared a lot by Internet users. Many names of fish are given, but no one dares to confirm what type of fish it is.

According to research, this may be an extremely rare species of eel and exists in very few places upstream of rivers. This fish has a round black body, about 40 to 50 cm long.

Due to this rarity, this species of eel was often presented to ancient kings or the wealthy. And even with cash, you are unlikely to be able to buy this fish.

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