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Eat radish to cure many diseases

According to oriental medicine, fresh radish tastes spicy and fresh. Cooked radish has a sweet taste, temper and taste. Radish is used to cure many different diseases.

White radish is the root of the turnip plant. Radish in addition to using the bulb for food also uses leaves (for boiling, pickled salt). Radish is made into relatively many dishes: sliced ​​thinly marinated, boiled, drizzled, stewed with meat, fried with eggs or meat, cooked in soup, made salads, dipped in fish sauce in pickles , eaten all year round, dried. make melons.

Radish has many features and uses. Mainly focuses on the group of respiratory tract diseases (cough, asthma, phlegm, asthma, chest tightness, hoarseness, loss of voice, coughing up blood, tuberculosis) and gastrointestinal diseases (such as epigastric pain, heartburn stomach, vomiting, indigestion, bloating, constipation, protruding dom, hemorrhoids).

In addition, it also cures a number of diseases of the urinary tract due to low heat (low urination, urination, burning, cloudy urination, with stones; treatment of certain metabolic diseases (obesity, stagnation, diabetes … ); disease about blood (active blood, blood to prevent bleeding during urination, tuberculosis); also has special use as detoxification, such as coal gas, gas, alcohol poisoning , borax and borax.

According to modern medicine and pharmacy, per 100 g of radish contains: 93.5 g of water, 0.06 g of protein, 0.1 g of fat, 5.3 g of total sugar, mainly easy-to-drink sugars absorb (glucose, fructose); minerals necessary for the body such as calcium 32 mg, phosphorus 21 mg, iron 0.6 mg, manganese 0.41 mg, bromine 7 mg …; B vitamins like B1 0.02 mg, B2 0.03 mg, niacin 0.3 mg, vitamin C 25 mg and many amino acids.

We would like to present some experiences of using radish as food and medicine:

Chemistry of sputum, benefits of gas, cough suppressants, spleen tonic. You can use some of the following medicinal dishes (radish cake):

Lesson 1: White radish, 500g of flour each, 2g of monosodium glutamate, 1g pepper powder, 50g canola oil, 5g salt, 15g sesame oil, 300g meat.

Wash the grated radishes, sautéed with canola oil, then add the MSG, salt, pepper and mixed meat to make the cake.

Lesson 2: White radish 250g, fresh ginger 15g, canola oil 50g, flour 250g, onion 15g, 100g lean pork, 3g salt Do as above.

Lesson 3: White radish 125g, white onion (without green leaves) 50g, egg 60g, sesame 5g, flour 500g, sugar 50g, salt 60g, monosodium glutamate 5g, sesame oil 25g, fat. Do as above.

Cure a lot of cough, weakness

White radish 1kg, pear 1kg, fresh ginger 250g, milk 250g, honey 250g. Pears peel the seeds, radishes, fresh and finely chopped ginger. Put each item in the cloth, squeeze the water to separate. Pour the radish and pear juice to a boil, reduce the heat until thickened, then add the ginger juice, milk and honey to the boil. Once cooled, put in a closed bottle to use gradually, each time mixed with hot water to drink. Twice a day.

Treatment of tuberculosis (chest tightness, coughing up blood): fresh radish extract.

1kg of fresh radish, 1kg of fresh pear, 500g of fresh earth, 1kg of fresh lotus root, 500g of fresh mondo grass, 1kg of fresh paint root, 100g of fresh ginger. All boiled for 30 minutes, squeezed water, cooked again 2 times, then reimported in high flavor and then gave the following flavors: 500g of alum sugar, 500g of sugar, 500g of honey, cooked in the form condensed, put in a jar. Drink twice a day in the morning. Each time, 2 tablespoons (3 ml) mixed with lukewarm water or swallow gradually.

Dry mouth, constipation: Eat sautéed radishes with garlic.

Cure hoarseness, loss of bran using freshly pounded or squeezed radish juice. If you are afraid of the cold, mix with fresh ginger juice to swallow gradually. Can make radish jam. If it is combined with green bean sprouts, the more effective it is. Combining with garlic is also good, but the garlic is tangy and won’t smell.

Treatment of pain caused by gallstones: Cut the radish into thick finger-shaped pieces soaked in white or light yellow honey (do not use dark brown honey). After drying, soaked in honey and then drying again, eat dried radish.

Hepatitis jaundice, hydrocephalus: 60 ml of radish juice to drink instead of tea per day.

Treatment of mouth ulcers caused by heat: Radish crushed to squeeze juice to gargle.

Treatment of dysentery (heat dysentery): crush the radish to get water with a little honey and boil it to drink, early in the morning, do not have breakfast.

Diabetes: Radish 200g, 50g of glutinous rice, 50g of glutinous rice, cooked in porridge. Eat hot 2 times a day, eat instantly for several days.

Squash due to heat storage: fresh radish 200g, onion 100g, rice 50g, spices, water 300ml. Cook a new porridge for onions and radishes. Boil again. Eat twice on an empty stomach.

Support for cancer treatment:

– Lung cancer coughs up blood: 50 ml of radish juice, 15 g of alum sugar, hydrangea, day a month.

– Gastroesophageal cancer, vomiting: crushed radish, squeeze out water, add water, honey, cook. Or add radish juice honey, mix with water, drink every day.

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