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Earth’s “tricyclic measure” is changing due to climate change

NASA scientists recently announced that the Earth’s polar oscillation has changed direction, and this is due to the fact that the mass distribution of the planet has changed.

Climate change is altering the course of the oscillation of the Earth’s polar axis – this is what the new NASA study concludes.

This process arises from too rapid fusion, causing a change in the mass distribution of the Earth. In other words, the “three circles” of the homeland are deformed.

In fact, the Earth has never rotated around a single polar axis, but this axis is always changing due to the movement of the North Pole, so the Earth can be seen as always “swaying”.

Since this was determined in 1899, scientists have discovered that throughout the 20th century, the polar axis has oscillated towards Canada.

However, according to Surendra Adhikari – a NASA researcher, in the 21st century the polar axis oscillation has changed, and this time it has been moved to the UK. “This movement is very clear,” Adhikari said.

Số đo ba vòng của Trái đất đang thay đổi vì biến đổi khí hậu - Ảnh 2.

Records show that the Earth’s pole is not fixed, but moves every year. However, since 2000, the pole has changed direction to the east, with a movement speed twice as fast as before (around 17cm / year).

According to Adhikari and Erik Ivins, co-authors of the study, this change is due to the fact that the permafrost in some points is melting too quickly and thickens the ice in other areas, causing weight distribution. The change of the Earth.

But not all, the loss of water on the two Eurasian continents is also one of the main reasons behind this phenomenon.

Số đo ba vòng của Trái đất đang thay đổi vì biến đổi khí hậu - Ảnh 3.

Experts say this change is harmless, does not affect people’s lives, but is of great importance. According to Jonathan Overpeck – professor of geology at the University of Arizona (USA): “It shows how much human impact can bring to this planet”.

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