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Earn billions with professional dog petting in Europe

As the company grew, new jobs were born to meet the needs of a wealthy and affluent community, especially the profession of dog walker.

When you sit in the parks in the heart of London every morning you can easily see people carrying 8 dogs of all kinds and sizes, carrying loads of food, water and … specialty boxes behind. used to sing “mines”. They are professional guide dogs with an average income of 97.9 thousand USD (2.1 billion VND) per year, higher than any graduate engineer.
And the guide dog also divided the level (level) like any other profession, both amateur and professional, even … dog handler.
But nobody dares to think that walking his dog is a simple job, let’s imagine that you have to manage ten dogs, small and large with completely different needs, I want to play, I want to rest, nightmares especially when they “bombard” “Arbitrarily” all over the park – and of course, they had to clean it up if they didn’t want to be deducted.
Guide dogs all have a very intelligent “pupil” dog to help them manage the whole pack.
Like many other jobs, dog care professionals only find this difficult in the early years of their careers. But when they become a professional canine guide, they know how to scare and obey dogs, how to get 6-8 dogs to go together and “bomb” in one place, in one place. when permitted. With masters in the profession, they can handle 13 dogs at a time, from the smallest Chihuahua to the giant like the English clam.
Handlers like this man can handle 12 large puppies at a time.
“The hardest thing is not cleaning up the bombs, but how to make sure that a bunch of weird dogs don’t bite each other loudly in the middle of the street” – Clarissa Dent, an expert dog guide said.
Some people believe that this type of petting only makes dogs more stressful because they don’t enjoy the outdoors outside. After a long argument, each dogmaker only manages 6 or less to ensure the best dog care.
It is a no-no in the profession that dogs do not injure themselves by biting themselves.

In London and Paris, dog walkers are paid an average of $ 21 / hour, in addition to letting the dogs out for a few hours a day, the experts also take care of the dogs while the owner is on the move or on business. However, not everyone can immediately quit their job to lead dogs, to do this job you must first have a basic veterinary diploma and above all not have a criminal record, as the guide dog will get holding the key. from the customer’s home.

According to Luke Winchester, a guide dog with 6 years in the profession, his job is not only to walk in the park, but also to go through the house to feed the dogs 3 times a day, provided he is 7 -8 guests. By the way, Luke will almost always work nonstop from early morning until late at night.

Those who have been doing this for a long time give off an invisible “power” that scares dogs.

“My clients are successful young people, they don’t have kids, so they have dogs for fun, they love them like kids” – Luke shared – “If after a while we get takes care of puppies Their baby is healthy, big and good, I will have a raise, sometimes up to 40 USD / hour ”.

“I do this job because I love animals and get an attractive salary, what better way to earn money with passion?”.

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