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Discovery of the Super Earth containing a “giant treasure” of rubies and sapphires, quite close to us

Perhaps in these 3 planets there are “enormous treasures” of rare rubies and sapphires.

In fact, human needs for minerals are increasing, while resources on Earth are only limited. It was then that the scientists thought of exploiting the treasures of the “mine of the sky”.

NASA has announced that it will launch a robot to probe asteroid 16 Psyche in 2023. 16 Psyche is known to be a giant metallic asteroid, containing many rare metals, similar to those in the Earth’s core. According to the US Geological Survey, the economic value of 16 Psyche is $ 10,000 billion! (10,000 billion dollars).

History of the resource exploitation of NASA’s “sky mine” shows that people aim to get rich from meteorites, asteroids and planets inside and outside the solar system . The latest discovery by astronomers further fuels this ambition.

The Three Super-Earths that can hold all the rubies and sapphires in the Galaxy

Specifically, researchers at the universities of Zurich (Switzerland) and Cambridge (UK) have identified three planets that could be Super-Earths containing huge treasures. They are HD 219134 b (in the constellation Thien Hau, 21 light years from Earth); 55 Cancri e (in the constellation Cancer, 41 light years from Earth); and WASP-47 th (870 light years from Earth).

Although discovered a few years ago (55 Cancri e were discovered in 2004 alone; HD 219134 b and WASP-47 e were also discovered in 2015), however, at that time astronomers had not yet identified the specifics of their planetary bodies.

According to British and Swiss scientists, the three exoplanets (planets located beyond the solar system) are all super-Earths, which are Earth-like planets containing many rocks and heavy metals.

However, these three planets have very short orbits around their host star. That is to say that the distance between them and their “sun” is very close compared to the distance between the Earth and our Sun. That is, their composition can be very different from that of our Earth – Instead of an iron core like Earth, they contain a lot of calcium and aluminum.

This means that in these 3 planets there are “giant treasures” of ruby ​​(Ruby) and sapphire (or turquoise), made up of the mineral corundum (a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, with variants being ruby. red, and precious sapphire).

As a preliminary observation, in October 2012, some scientists suggested that 55 Cancri e is a carbonaceous planet, or diamond planet based on observations that the mass of carbon in the form of diamonds is estimated at the surface of the planet. face and heart of this planet. . However, the team from the Universities of Zurich and Cambridge said that was the wrong conclusion after looking at the results of subsequent observations.

So far, however, nothing has contradicted the conclusion that Neptune rained diamonds.

So, the fact that Super-Earth type exoplanets contain precious stones, Neptune is full of diamonds, and Jupiter contains clouds of mineral corundum, in the eyes of astronomers the Galaxy is a huge shining treasure.

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