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Discovery of super galaxies of “giant jellyfish” located 340 million light years from Earth

Scientists were amazed to discover extremely low radio frequencies emanating from a distant cluster of galaxies shaped like a giant jellyfish.

According to Science News, the super galaxy named “The USS Jelly” was discovered by astrophysicist Torrance Hodgson of Curtin University (Australia) while analyzing data with the Murchison Widefield Array (MWM), the world’s largest telescope. sensitive radio available today.

The super galaxy is located at Abell 2877, the cluster is 340 million light years from Earth. The size of the Super Galaxy extends up to 1.2 million light years, shaped like a jellyfish with giant heads and tentacles. It should be noted that the “USS Jellyfish” carries an extremely low radio frequency which makes it difficult to detect.

“This radio emission source is ‘invisible’ to most radio telescopes we have used over the past 40 years,” said astronomer Melanie Johnston-Hollitt.

Space researchers believe that the two galaxies in the Abell 2877 cluster coincide with the brightest radio halo at the head of the USS Jellyfish and that they may contain supermassive black holes in the center. And according to estimates, they have a life expectancy of around 2 billion years.

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