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Discovery of mysterious bubbles surrounding the Earth, linked to humans

The aforementioned structure is just born by modern humans, is a large donut-shaped bubble, and becomes the armor to protect the Earth.

According to research conducted by NASA, just published in Science Space Reviews, this bizarre structure has been discovered since 2017 by NASA’s Van Allen probe, launched to study the Van Allen radiation belt, where harmful radiation particles from the Sun are captured by the earth’s magnetic field.

Van Allen’s belt has a donut-like structure that surrounds Earth, but can never reach and harm creatures on Earth. This belt consists of 2 layers: the inner ring occupies an area of 640 to 9600 km from the surface of the Earth, the outer belt is from 13,500 to 58,000 km from the surface of the Earth.

The newly discovered structure also takes the shape of a donut, the most inflating the equator. This strange bubble cannot be seen with the naked eye, but silently becomes an effective buffer between the Van Allen belt and Earth, uniting forces with the annular magnetic field.

Dr. Phil Erickson of the Haystack Observatory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), a member of the research team, revealed on Science Alert that this strange bubble is made up of very low frequency radio signals. (VLF). This signaling model has become popular in the last century and is increasingly applied in many technical, scientific and military activities.

Humans cannot hear VLF sound, but it can be used as encrypted messages, sent over long distances or across water, for example to a submarine on the high seas. They are also useful when scanning. transmitting signals over difficult terrain.

We accidentally leaked this waveform into space around Earth without knowing it. They become invisible “waste” surrounding the Earth, gradually forming a giant bubble. But with its characteristic long wavelength, VLF effectively eliminates harmful radiation.

In addition to VLF, humans have fled many waveforms and rays into space, but unfortunately most other things are harmful. Typically, particles emitted from nuclear explosions create man-made rings of radiation that lie closer to the Van Allen belt and damage satellites. According to NASA, this research has helped us see how humans can affect both the cosmic environment and the evolution of the planet we live on.

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