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Cute kangaroo hugs her rescuer

Cute animals will always have us in our feels. This adorable kangaroo, Abigail, getting and giving out free hugs and cuddles will undoubtedly warm your heart. Well, who can resist that?

Abigail, now known as queen Abigail is a rescue kangaroo that was rescued by Sanctuary Alice Springs, Australia when she was only five months old. It was all for the best that Abi found her way to the kangaroo rescue center.

Now at seven years, Abigail still comes for her morning hugs and cuddles just as she did when she was rescued. That is where she got her name from. The rescue center named her queen Abigail after being the most affectionate in the center.

Cute kangaroo can’t get enough hugs from her rescuer

Abi’s coat appears to be slightly washed than normal kangaroos, making her look a shade or two lighter. Alice springs mention that Abi is the only kangaroo in the center that is always down for hugs.

Abigail, raised by Rodger and Ella, goes a long way in showing that animals, just like humans, know how to show their emotions. With this rescue kangaroo, we can conclude that she’s full of love.

In the video, we see queen Abigail staying in for the cuddles, exchanging them with hugs. At some point, she lets Ella rub her chest, a necessity in their wholesome routine.

It’s not every day you see a friendly kangaroo, but Abigail is an exception. With over 75,000 views on Youtube, Abigail continues to warm the world with her warm hugs and cuddles.

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