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Cows with horns over three meters set world record

The Texas longhorn cow rose to fame in Coosa County, USA, with exceptionally large, straight horns.

The Guinness World Records Organization identifies the Via Poncho as the longest surviving calf and also the cow with the longest horns on record, UPI reported yesterday. Poncho Via is a Texas longhorn cow raised by a family in Coosa County, Alabama, USA. Its horns are 3.24 meters long, exceeding the old record by almost 3 cm.

Jeral Pope and his family adopted Poncho Via when he was 6 months old. They began to notice that his horns could break records when they were 4 years old. The horns are very long and are only slightly curved. Although he has a pair of dangerous-looking horns, Poncho Via is not aggressive, the Pope family said.

The famous Coosa cow. “My neighbors here often take you to visit Poncho Via. It is a tall and gentle animal. People often bring him food. The Poncho Via loves apples, carrots and marshmallows. “, Jeral Pope shared.

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