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Close-up on “carnivorous trade” but very rare

The numbers of this species count only on the fingers …

The Kakapo is the only parrot in the world that cannot fly, has bright green fur and a face much like a cat. Scientists have found many ancient fossils of this species all over New Zealand, so it is considered one of the endemic animals of this country.
It is a nocturnal bird, so it is not surprising that it is also referred to as the “night owl” Kakapo. Also, with many parrot-like characteristics, they are also known as “parrots” or “Kakapo parrots”.

Photo of a parrot named Sirocco.

Prime Minister of New Zealand – John Key has also decided to appoint Sirocco (a Kakapo parrot) as the government’s “conservation ambassador”. He thinks this rare parrot is the perfect choice. Additionally, Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson said, “New Zealand is home to the only parrot in the world that cannot fly and live at night. They are the last members of the dinosaur family. We need to preserve the country’s biodiversity and Sirocco can help us get this message across.

In 1995, only 51 Kakapo parrots were counted, but thanks to conservation efforts the number has now increased to 124. About 33 young parrots have been brought to the southern islands of New Zealand. – where they are strictly protected to avoid the danger of death of species.

However, the question arises is whether this Kakapo parrot is worth preserving? Join us in pointing out the “harmful” points of this Kakapo parrot!

With his bright green cape, Kakapo is very easy to hide from enemies in the surrounding lush green brush. However, it is also quite user-friendly, if you are lucky it will come up and climb on you to “get to know”. Normally, when there is “action”, Kakapo parrots have a habit of “freezing” in one place. But sometimes it will climb trees like an excellent climber thanks to its sharp hooves. But unfortunately when he reached the top, because he couldn’t fly, he would have a hard time finding a way down if he didn’t want a tragic end.

Although they cannot fly, Kakapo parrots can skillfully climb trees.

Kakapo parrots mainly live in forests, places with a lot of grass and dust. A strange characteristic of these “night owls” is that they are completely “vegetarians”. Instead of meat, they eat almonds and fruits Muselin, Rimu, Matai, Totara … – plants that usually bloom in the spring and summer of the year. The Kakapo parrot’s most favorite food is the fruit of the Rimu tree – a special plant that blooms once every 4 years. Perhaps because they only eat plants, they have a long lifespan, on average 90 years.

Their favorite food is the fruit of the Rimu tree.

Kakapo is also the only parrot to live under a polygamous regime. However, females have a rather strange trait – they don’t like to mate. The frequency of their mating is very low, sometimes up to every 2 years. Therefore, the number of them is very small, it can be said that it counts only on the fingers, so males find it difficult to find mates to maintain the breed.

Every day the male can make a sound by calling the female about 10 thousand times. Their cries were hoarse and at very low frequencies. However, this sound is quite powerful, so it can spread up to 5 km. This rare parrot also has an “attractive” characteristic that its body always emits a pleasant scent, almost like the scent of flowers, honey or beeswax. Perhaps thanks to this attraction, recently with the efforts of the New Zealand reserve, the number of species has increased.

The frequency of mating of Kakapo parrots is very low, sometimes up to every 2 years.

Although they are quite “harmful”, conservationists have taken drastic measures to protect Kakapo from predators on the island. Is it because “these are the last members of the dinosaur family”? Therefore, until now, the prevention of the extinction of this parrot still attracts a lot of attention.

Perhaps because of too much “envy”, a Kakapo parrot mistakenly mated with strange “mates”. Join us to watch the clip below to decode who is “partner”!

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