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Catch an individual lobster with a “ghost white” color

Which baby lobster do you think looks the same? Not that, because recently we discovered a pure white lobster like a ghost.

Like many other animals, lobsters are relatively “uniform” in shape and color, predominantly reddish-brown in color. However, miraculous nature always likes to create individuals that are slightly different from other individuals of the species, so there is a new occurrence of a lobster with such a ghostly white color.

Alex Todd, currently a fisherman on the coast of Maine, recently caught such an odd lobster, as in the photo below which he posted on his personal Facebook.

It is not clear why this individual lobster is mutated to such an unusual color. However, according to a prediction from the Maine Fishing Association, ‚ÄúThis individual lobster encountered a genetic mutation called leucism, causing their pigmentation to disappear, but only partially, not partially. It should be exactly the same as the white silk. why you can still see the green color on the shell, as well as the eye color of this lobster. “

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