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Cat and dog owners should master these rules before deciding to breed

Not all races can reproduce without harming the next generation. Therefore, owners of cats and dogs are forced to follow certain rules.

As a practice, dog owners want them to be able to breed and give birth to beautiful, healthy “children” that are easy to raise and easy to train. Everyone wants their dogs to have a very happy family, to perform whatever function the Creator has given them. In addition, valuable and expensive dog breeds also help bring a huge financial source.

But in fact, raising a dog or a cat is not as easy as it seems. Not only related to purebred or not, the history of breeding also has many other issues.

The responsibility of the companion is not only to successfully deliver a herd of puppies, but also to ensure that they do not experience any health problems in the future, even after they return to the new owner.

Deformed dog, lives a miserable life – is it worth it?

Imagine, you picked up a cute little puppy, loved him as part of the family, only to find he contracted terminal genetic diseases and died within 18 months? Believe me, this is a common occurrence, even in countries that have very strict control over the breeding of their pets.

The problem is, neither you nor the seller are lying. You mate your dog with the best and most beautiful animals. A disaster occurs because you do not know the necessary knowledge before deciding to give a mother to your cat or dog.

So if you decide to breed your dog without bad consequences, you need to be prepared.

1. Prepare your knowledge and … your mind

Breeding a dog is a very expensive business, both in terms of time and money – something you need to be mentally prepared for. For rare and valuable dog breeds, the amount of a male breed can reach tens of millions of dong.

Người nuôi chó mèo buộc phải nắm vững những quy tắc này trước khi quyết định phối giống - Ảnh 2.

The Corgi is one of the most expensive dog breeds

Then take the time to learn more about the birth history of the breed. You will have to know very well the information about the species, morphological characteristics, survival characteristics, reproductive disadvantages … To grasp, read, read and read a lot, at the same time looking for privacy. with veterinary experts.

2. Mating is for good

This is the motto for dog and cat owners to remember. Remember that some species reproduce very easily, some are more difficult and there are also some individuals that are not allowed to breed.

If only individuals with preferred human traits are selected without considering the animal’s experience, disaster will occur.

Người nuôi chó mèo buộc phải nắm vững những quy tắc này trước khi quyết định phối giống - Ảnh 3.

Scottish Fold – Cat with cat ears derived from the origin of a defective gene, not beneficial to the health of the animal

For example, the Scottish cat – a very popular cat in the world, in which the penguin is always the most expensive. However, this catapult was the result of a defective gene segment. If two individuals carrying the defective gene mate, the chances of having a cat’s tail will be higher, but the kittens will suffer from osteoporosis, which cannot exceed 2 years.

Another example is that of short-headed dogs (like the pug, the bulldog, the French bull …). Over the years, humans have reproduced in such a way that their snouts become shorter and their skin becomes more and more wrinkled. These are human traits, but they make these animals live miserable lives.

Người nuôi chó mèo buộc phải nắm vững những quy tắc này trước khi quyết định phối giống - Ảnh 4.

Do not make profit or favorite traits, but give birth to the generation of disabled pets, short lives. It’s a crime.

3. Make sure the animals are qualified for breeding

Before deciding to mate, take your dog and pet to a reputable veterinarian for a specific test. Make sure your dog or cat has no serious genetic problems and that they are fully vaccinated.

This is the process that must be done for fathers and expectant mothers. Although the parents look healthy, if past lives have had a genetic disease, there can be no guarantee that the defective gene will not occur for future generations.

Additionally, vets always advise dog owners to wait at least 2 years before deciding to breed them. This time is needed for all serious genetic diseases (if any) to be revealed, and the doctor will decide if your pet is allowed to breed.

4. Carefully choose the varieties according to the genealogy

Even though both are purebred, regardless of their health, you still need to know … the dog’s pedigree, at least the lives of the parents.

This is to ensure that inbreeding is not possible. Don’t be underestimated, because in a city the dog community is smaller than you might think. Therefore, the rate of inbreeding also increases accordingly.

Người nuôi chó mèo buộc phải nắm vững những quy tắc này trước khi quyết định phối giống - Ảnh 6.

If you take the time to properly learn biology, you also understand the consequences of inbreeding. They will delete the genome, increase the rate of occurrence of recessive and defective genes, and then the next generation will have deformed individuals, suffering for many years.

5. Take good care of the mother animal after pregnancy

Keeping a pregnant dog or cat should be careful. They have a pregnancy period of 60 to 68 days. During this time, nutritious food should be added, the amount of food should also increase by 30% to 50%.

In addition, an ultrasound should be performed to determine in advance how many puppies are going to be born.

Người nuôi chó mèo buộc phải nắm vững những quy tắc này trước khi quyết định phối giống - Ảnh 7.

For the first births, it will be an unforgettable experience, but it can also be tragic. If possible, let them breed at a reputable veterinarian, especially if it is difficult to reproduce naturally (such as the Pug or French Bull).

AKC, Pet Place

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