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Captured 10 billion years ago “air through” universe image “double monster”

Two monster black holes born in the early universe have come together to the point of becoming utopian, continually devouring matter, creating a unique double quasar.

According to Sci-tech Daily, this unique object was identified by the coordination of two super space telescopes, Hubble and Gaia, on a distant worlds search mission for NASA and ESA (Aviation Agency American Aerospace and European Space Agency).

Lead author of the study, Dr. Yue Shen of the University of Illinois, said it was a form of object called “quasars,” which is extremely rare in the universe. They developed a spectroscopic method called Gemini North to find out its nature. Quasars can be understood as an object that closely resembles a star when viewed from Earth just like a bright star, but it is not. It is in fact an area of ​​intense energy created by a monster black hole (a very powerful, supermassive supermassive black hole) that devours surrounding matter too quickly.

The double quasars have just been found to be the closest pair of “monsters” of all time – just 10,000 light years apart, a large but still small distance considering the two supermassive black holes.

The results of the analysis show that the 2 black holes that make up the binary quasars are the two central black holes of the galaxy. The galaxy that contains them is actually two newly merged galaxies, the two quasars of which are the central black holes of the two ancient galaxies.

In particular, this rare image of double quasars is in fact found in the nascent universe, when it was around 3 billion years old. Now we only see because they are too far away, 10 billion light years or 10 billion light years away to reach the Earth’s telescope. Therefore, the discovery provides a valuable “window of time” to help scientists study the first objects in the universe, as well as the galactic fusion event in the past.

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