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British astronomer got closer to “Sun Snake”

Using a special type of telescope costing thousands of dollars, a British astronomer captured ultra-sharp, extremely impressive images of the “solar serpent” formed on the celestial surface away to the left. Almost 150 million km of land, to the right of our garden.

The series of images by the author – British astronomer Paul Andrews – shows the surface of the Sun in amazing detail. They have been described as having a sharpness comparable to any photograph taken in the best astronomical observatories in the world.

Ảnh chi tiết bề mặt Mặt Trời với một vài con "rắn" ngoằn nghoèo.

Mr. Andrews’ telescope is fitted with lenses approximately six inches in diameter, capable of filtering out harmful rays from the sun. These telescopic images represent strands of hydrogen sticking and hanging as snakes rising from the surface of the Sun in an explosion of matter.

Mr Andrews – the founder, president of the local astronomical association and also a professional photographer – told the Daily Mail: “The bigger the telescope, the better it shows the details.… I tried to get up on it. as early as possible in the morning and take pictures around 9 am. As the sun becomes brighter and brighter, the Earth’s atmosphere becomes extremely chaotic and you may notice a deterioration in the quality of your photos of the Sun. Photos taken early in the morning tend to be brighter and sharper ”.

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