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‘Blind’ sea monster bites Australian river

An Australian fisherman was extremely confused when he caught a strange fish whose eel had sharp teeth very similar to an alien creature.

The fish has a flat eel-shaped body, flat head and sharp teeth in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, Australia, ABC News reported today. “Her head is really weird. It doesn’t even move, but it feels like you’re knocked out or twisted,” said Tee Hokin, who spotted the fish.

The fish is about 15cm long, it appears to have no eyes, and the body is purplish brown with a pink color. Fish identification expert Morgan Grant thinks it could be from the Eelgobies or Wormgobies family.

“The fish of this family are usually found in cool or slightly salty estuaries, and in coastal areas of the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. Some species are distributed in Australia. They have poor eyesight. Growth, often covered by the skin of live in murky waters and depend on touch rather than sight for their prey, which is why they have terribly sharp teeth to hold their prey, ”says Grant.

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