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As long as 1 in 5 of these scenarios occurs, our Earth will be completely wiped out.

Solar storms, gamma-ray bursts and this series of cosmic catastrophes are “fierce” to the existence of Earth.

If we asked them what could threaten our lives, many people would think of nuclear war, global warming, or a pandemic.

So if the above dangers can be eliminated, will Earth be safe? The answer is absolutely no. Life on this tiny human planet is only peaceful if you “willfully ignore” the potential dangers in space alone.

The list below includes the most undesirable phenomena. Because if just one of them happened, the prospect of Earth’s destruction wouldn’t be just a fantasy in the movies anymore.

1. Solar energy from storms

Around this fireball, there are always magnetic fields as well as radiation that is often called the solar wind. When these winds get too strong and exceed the control of the magnetic field, it can cause power outages or radio interference.

Chỉ cần 1 trong 5 viễn cảnh này xảy ra, Trái đất của chúng ta sẽ bị xóa sổ hoàn toàn - Ảnh 1.

The biggest solar storm to hit Earth was recorded in 1859. It did a lot of damage, but luckily humans survived.

However, since life today depends on electronic devices, the Solar Storm will truly be a “maximum challenge” for us.

2. Asteroid collisions

The impact of asteroids or small planets has never been underestimated, because after all it was also the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Chỉ cần 1 trong 5 viễn cảnh này xảy ra, Trái đất của chúng ta sẽ bị xóa sổ hoàn toàn - Ảnh 2.

Advances in science today can protect people from a few small impacts, but with big impacts, “hands free”.

Our planet still has a chance to win, but no one could see it anymore because humanity has perished everything.

3. The sun is getting bigger

Based on calculations, it is known that the Sun will end its existence in 7.72 billion years. At that time, that fireball will be just a cold, cold star.

But again, we will not be able to experience this phenomenon. Because the “old” the sun, the colder and the bigger.

At some point, its size would be enough to engulf both Mercury and Venus. The Earth will then soon line up for “bear battle” and be gone forever.

4. Gamma ray explosion

Gamma-ray bursts generally occur when two stars orbit the same center. Radiation from such an explosion could damage or even destroy the entire ozone layer.

And of course, when humans are directly exposed to the Sun’s intense ultraviolet rays, we all understand what’s going on.

Gamma ray explosions are no longer a fiction, as astronomers have discovered a real threat. It’s only 5,200 to 7,500 light years from Earth, and all we can do is predict when it will explode.

5. Mobile Star

A star wandering in the Milky Way is very likely to approach the Sun. Then it can “communicate” with the Oort cloud, which represents 50% of the number of comets in the solar system. The future of a giant comet plunging straight towards Earth is therefore not far off.

At the moment, our planet is still protected by a barrier against most comets. However, over time, this class of diosphere will weaken, and then nothing will be able to preserve human life.

The vast universe contains countless beautiful things that are also potentially threatening. All of these scenarios sound scary, but it’s not something we can change. So, first of all, enjoy your time on Earth as much as possible!

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