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Animals that are against the laws of nature

Flying snakes, fish walking on the ground … are animals with strange features, unnatural.

Every creature on Earth obeys a certain natural law. Therefore, information such as fish walking on the ground, flying snakes or birds carrying deadly poison becomes extremely illogical and is against the laws of nature. However, the fact proves the opposite.
Let’s go over some of the animals that contradict the laws of nature through the following article.
1. A flying snake
Found in Southeast and Southeast Asia, Chrysopelea snakes can grow up to 1.2 meters in length and have an S-shaped body in flight. Scientific research shows that this posture allows them to fly higher.
Những động vật đi ngược lại quy luật tự nhiên 1Socha, an expert in snake research, said: “With an S-shaped shape, the anterior part of the snake will create an air contour, which will help to interact while lifting their posterior bodies.”
This mechanism is similar to the lift created when geese fly in a V-shape – the leader creates aerial turns, which makes it easier for geese to fly over the edges.
However, there is still a mystery to be solved, which is why the snake makes a wavy shape in flight? Socha et al. Said that this wavy position helps them fly longer thanks to the airflow created in front of the snake’s body. “This pose reduces the pressure on the upper body, at the same time increases the pressure difference between the upper and lower body and allows the snake to fly for longer,” says Socha.
2. Catfish walking on the ground
The walking catfish, also known as Clarias batrachus, lives in freshwater environments in Southeast Asia, Florida, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Nevada. This fish has the ability to “walk” on dry ground in search of new food or new habitat.
Những động vật đi ngược lại quy luật tự nhiên 3In fact, they don’t walk like other bipedal or quadrupedal animals, but use fish fins to zigzag like snakes. They exercise in this form thanks to the slippery and wet skin.
Catfish live mainly in the confined waters of ponds, swamps, rivers, streams and flooded rice fields. As the sprint recedes, they use their “walking” skills to find new sources of water.
Những động vật đi ngược lại quy luật tự nhiên 4
Walking catfish are a major environmental risk as they scramble to find food and shelter for local fish and spread diseases and parasites to new habitats.
3. The panda is noisy in “that”
Raccoons are considered shy in the animal kingdom and are known to have little interest in sex, which puts them in danger of extinction. However, the reality is that in the wild the method by which they “have sex” is to have sex and rape the female raccoon.
Những động vật đi ngược lại quy luật tự nhiên 5Normal mating takes place as follows: When the female bear needs it, she climbs the tree and begins to roar. After that, the males will rush forward, fighting to win the “queen”.
But in reality, the winner will usually be able to “approach” the female panda first, then the losers’ turn. Losing bears will continue to plunge into battle to gain a “good position”.
Những động vật đi ngược lại quy luật tự nhiên 6
Besides, there are raccoons who do not have the strength to go into battle, they will climb trees and continue to wait patiently for days, weeks, even months to wait for the panda.
4. Birds are poisonous
Pitohui and Ifrita birds have a bright appearance, seem harmless, but in fact, they can secrete the yellow frog-like batrachotoxin poison. These birds absorb poison from a species of beetle called Melyrid.
Những động vật đi ngược lại quy luật tự nhiên 7
This toxin spreads throughout the body, including the skin and hair, so anyone who touches it can affect nerve cells, rendering muscle cells and the brain unable to produce ions.
In low doses, batrachotoxin stops muscles and nerves from working, but in high doses, this poison can prevent people from breathing, paralyzing and even dying.
5. The “corrupt” penguin
Ordinary penguins have a gentle appearance and seem to know how to “behave”. However, Adélie penguins prove the exact opposite: they can rape, “take a selfie” in public, narcissism and prostitution.
Những động vật đi ngược lại quy luật tự nhiên 9
Prostitution exists among Adélie penguins because they build stone nests. To get this number of stones, they often have to steal them from rival penguins. However, for female soft lime penguins, the safest method is probably to “pamper” the male penguins for rock to build their nests.

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