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An unexpected truth about polar bear fur

Many people still claim that the polar bear’s fur is white or yellow, but the truth is not at all.

The world around us always has interesting things to discover. Each tree, each animal has its own miracles of nature.

Living in one of the coldest places in the world, polar bears are an example of nature’s diversity.

Dare to bet that up to 90% of respondents will surely answer that the polar bear’s fur is white. But the truth is not at all.

Their feathers are hollow, transparent in nature and will reflect the colors surrounding their habitat, according to experts, the polar bear’s fur is not really white. The white color commonly seen in this bear is the result of a reflection of white sunlight. Plus, polar bears can come in other colors like blue, yellow, and even purple!

Bộ lông của gấu Bắc cực có thể đổi màu.

The polar bear’s fur can change color.

Since sunlight is white light, when we shine it we will see that the polar bear’s fur is white. However, if you get the chance to see polar bears on a cloudy day, you will notice that their fur has turned gray ever since.

And the secret of our polar bear’s golden fur is the oil on the animal’s body. It is this layer of oil that makes their coat yellow.

However, it’s also worth noting that light is not entirely the deciding factor in the color of a bear’s fur.

Because polar bears, if kept in a zoo, can have green fur. The reason is that friction with the concrete foundation of the zoo causes scratches on the polar bear’s fur, causing small holes to appear in each hair. This is the condition for algae to live and grow inside these hairs.

Ẩn sau lớp lông dày kia là làn da màu đen, rất bất ngờ phải không?Behind this thick layer hides a black skin, very surprising, no?

If in the arctic, because the heat is too cold, the algae cannot survive, but in a zoo environment it is completely different. Therefore, if you see a polar bear in green fur, don’t be too surprised.

But this is perhaps the most interesting fact about polar bears. He was hidden behind that thick layer of black skin.

According to experts, this black skin will help them absorb the heat of the sun for warmth. We now know how delicate Mother Nature is!

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