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An anthology of the “living civilized” movement in ancient times

The “fashion” of vegetarianism, feminist views or the recognition of homosexual love … were established thousands of years ago by the ancients.

When referring to the expression civilization, we often immediately think of progressive cultural values, demonstrating the high level of human development. And according to a common logic, what belongs to civilization often appears mainly in modern society today.

But the reality is not quite like that. There are civilized values ​​that actually existed in society thousands of years ago and have developed to this day …

1. “Fashion” of vegetarianism in ancient Greece

Today we all know the benefits of being a vegetarian. Not only by helping women lose weight, vegetarianism also helps to make the body light, comfortable and the mind clear. According to modern historical records, the “fashion” of vegetarianism has been in vogue since around 1847 with the establishment of a vegetarian association in England.

However, in fact, this eating “trend” originated in ancient Greece. And the “vegetarian ancestor” of humanity would have surprised many: the philosopher Pythagoras (580 BC – 500 BC).

The great scientist built his own religion and diet for himself and his followers and apostles. According to Pythagoras, eating a steak was no different from killing a living being.

Therefore, he only eats vegetables and fruits with meals and does not touch fish or meat at all. Even Pythagoras did not eat beans because he believed it was the residence of the human soul.

Pythagoras’ vegetarianism at this time created a strong wave of support. Famous philosophers such as Theophrastus, Ovid, Plutarch or Plato all became followers of the vegetarian “fashion” of Pythagoras. Even Plato once said that “the perfect city is one where people don’t eat meat” to support this movement of civilization.

2. “Feminist point of view”

Historically, gender inequality has always been a major problem in all modern societies today. Therefore, you will surely have “O eyes, a mouth” when you know that in fact, in ancient Viking society, the equal rights of women were always guaranteed.

In the famous Viking Saga legend we can see many images of female warriors. With this ethnic group, men and women have the right to fight and defend their homeland.

The Vikings also created laws that allowed women to run the family business while their husbands were at sea. They also have the right to own personal property after marriage and are not dependent on both men and women. other cultures.

3. Health insurance system under the former Egyptian Empire

The health insurance scheme for the whole population, and the free medical examinations and treatment for all testify to the high development of a society. Today, it is the dream of many countries around the world. However, thousands of years ago the ancient Egyptians achieved this civilized feat.

Specifically, according to archaeological records, in ancient Egypt workers building pyramids and royal tombs received a very special training regime.

With the nature of hard work, these people were given a number of holidays paid by the Pharaoh as well as free health checks.

Even historical evidence shows that Egyptian workers could take time to care for their wives and daughters while they were in the “red light” period.

However, it seems that few ancient Egyptian workers understood their rights. The researchers found that there are still many vestiges of the old workers working even in a state of illness, fever or fatigue. The reason may be because they are afraid that going to the doctor will make them owe Pharaoh, so they continue to work when they are sick.

4. Recognition of same-sex love in the Middle East

Today, love between people of the same sex is still not recognized in all countries. Even in many places, people still have prejudice and discrimination on this issue, thinking it is immoral.

However, in many ancient countries of the Middle East, same-sex love has always been respected and treated equally by everyone since ancient times. Ancient Babylonian literature proves that love between two sons is respected and put on an equal footing with ordinary heterosexual love. Even this kind of love is closely associated with some special religious rituals.

Or under the Ottoman Empire, all recognized marriage and love between people of the same sex. Many contemporary etiquette books also contain instructions on how a man can fall in love with his “man” or how to help a man to own another man’s heart …

In addition, rumor has it that Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire also has a harem of over 200 young and “handsome” boys. This is the most convincing proof that same sex love is not only recognized but even a “hot” trend in the old Middle East.

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