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Alien radio signals are sent continuously from “ghost objects”

The SGR 1935 + 2154 radio flash source continues to send three mysterious and powerful signals to Earth, revealing the nature of a dead ghost star, the same galaxy as us.

According to an article published on Nature Astronomy, the strange radio signal that some observatories have previously captured is a form of “radio flash” (FRB), a form of extremely fast, very powerful, powerful signal going from galaxy to galaxy.

According to Dr. Deborah Good, astronomer at Ohio University, this is a great opportunity to decode “radio lightning”, one of the greatest mysteries pursued by astronomers. The new radio shake sent by “the phantom star” is the 2nd, 3rd and 4th signal from the same source, helping to expose the potential relationship between strong negative fields and radio flashes.

Radio flashes can be seen as a source of rapid, powerful, short-lived, and mysterious radio broadcasts that Earthlings still receive from time to time. There are many theories about its origin: super energy neutron stars, a collision of neutron stars, a supernova, or the signal from an alien civilization.

SGR 1935 + 2154 first launched a signal to Earth in April of this year. Preliminary research suggests it is 30,000 light years away but still belongs to the Milky Way – the galaxy that contains Earth. Technological developments have enabled us to detect extraterrestrial radio signals since 2007, but all previous radio flashes have originated from outside the galaxy.

The portrait of the “phantom star” is identified as a white dwarf star, a star like our sun but dead, exploded and then collapsed into a small white “corpse”, small but extremely rich. It spins really fast, taking just 3.24 seconds per revolution.

This signaling suddenly expelled flashes of waves just 1 to 2 seconds apart, leaving scientists confused. Whether it’s the hand of an alien civilization or just the volatile power of the magnetic object, that’s what scientists are trying to answer.

Recently, according to, using Insigh-HXMT, an X-ray observatory mounted on a Chinese spacecraft, the team from the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pedagogical University of Beijing, Tsinghua University (China) and Nevada Las Vegas University (USA), trace the origins of the FRB repeated over and over.

It is a magnetar that belongs to the same Milky Way galaxy as Earth. Magnetic stars are the most powerful form of neutron stars, groups of objects that have been called “super energies.” The origin of neutron stars can be understood as follows: a star like our Sun, when we dry out strongly, will burst into a red giant, then gradually collapse, shrink into a white dwarf; after a while, the white dwarf “dies” a second time in a supernova explosion, leaving a supernova core of matter, the neutron star.

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