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Admire the most astonishing astronomical phenomenon of 2021

The super moon and the total lunar eclipse occurring simultaneously on May 26 is the most anticipated astronomical event this year in Vietnam.

On the evening of May 26 (April full moon of the lunar calendar), astronomers will have the opportunity to admire the second super moon of this year. The Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun and is closer to the Earth than the regular full moon. During the next super moon, seen from Earth, the Moon is about 14% larger and 30% brighter.

This super moon is also known as the moon flower by Native American tribes, this is the time of year when spring flowers bloom everywhere. It is also known as Popcorn Moon because this is where the farmer’s harvest usually begins. Another name is Trang Sua.

This is the second super moon in 3 Super Moon periods in 2021. The last Super Moon of the year will be on June 25th.

It is very interesting that the second super moon coincides with a total lunar eclipse – the most interesting astronomical event that can be observed in Vietnam this year. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon, Earth, and Sun are exactly in a straight line. The moon enters the Umbra region of the Earth and is completely darkened and gradually becomes crimson, so this phenomenon is also known as the blood moon.

This lunar eclipse lasts more than 5 hours, starting at 3:47 minutes when the Moon enters Earth’s shadow and turns a light red color, peaking at 6:18 PM when the Moon is in the center of the shadow and becomes crimson. The complete lunar eclipse lasts about 7 minutes, then turns into a partial lunar eclipse, the half-night eclipse and ends at 8:49 pm.

This lunar eclipse can be seen over a large area including the Pacific Ocean, eastern parts of Asia, Japan, Australia, and western part of North America. In Vietnam, you can observe part of the evolution of this lunar eclipse, from 6:35 pm when the Moon rises from the horizon until the end.

Unlike an eclipse which must be observed with specialized equipment, an eclipse can be observed with the naked eye. Observers should choose a spacious and airy place, less street lights and dust, can use binoculars or a telescope to see better.

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