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A series of “mysterious creatures” have been discovered thanks to new DNA technology

An increasing number of “mysterious species” have been discovered over the past year, with different DNA codes than those identified despite their similar appearance.

Recently, scientists have discovered several new species, including the aloe, the African leaf-nosed bat, and the chameleon. If seen with the naked eye, these species do not differ from previously identified species, according to the Guardian.

This leaves scientists to suspect that the Earth has many more species than the currently identified number of 8.7 million. Some species may be threatened and need immediate protection.

Mouse lemur Jonah was only announced this summer but is now in danger of extinction.

Meanwhile, the Popa langur has just been identified in Myanmar and has already been mistaken for another species. They have a total population of around 200 and are likely to be classified as Critically Endangered, threatened by habitat loss and deforestation.

The discovery of new species of organisms is in part due to the development of DNA sequencing techniques, which help distinguish organisms by genetic genes.

Scientists plan to publish thousands of more findings over the next few years, from living organism specimens to museum specimens.

“DNA barcodes are tools that allow us to detect differences between species with lower difference rates than ever before, just as microscopes allow us to see fine details of structures. The naked eye cannot not be seen, ”said Brian Brown, an entomologist at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles County, United States.

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