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A series of care clothes to please the bosses of cats and dogs are difficult to live with

Turns out there are dozens of cool and useful items to please and care for the lives of the patron dogs and cats that the Lotuses are happy to spread as well.

Anyone who has a pet wants to bring the best to lovable cats and dogs. Below is a list of cool accessories that help improve the spiritual life of the bosses the lotus should own.

Petwell massage tools

Loạt đồ chăm sóc chiều lòng các boss chó mèo đang khó ở - Ảnh 1.

After spending a long day alone at home, the rubbing of the head and stomach didn’t seem to be enough to compensate for the loneliness the bosses were experiencing. This is the time when you need the help of a specialized massage tool to redeem the boss. The Petwell Massage Roller is compact, easy to hold and extremely easy to use. They made the bosses sit and have fun. In a small voice, don’t be lotus idiots to stop massaging too early, watch out for bosses who will be angry. In the words of many people, Pet really makes men “addicted” and addicted. We can also use this roller on cats, with more moderate pressure. Petwell is currently sold for around $ 15 (around 300,000 dong) on Amazon.

Furbo 2-way interactive camera

Loạt đồ chăm sóc chiều lòng các boss chó mèo đang khó ở - Ảnh 2.

Furbo is a very special camera with a two-way talk feature, allowing the lotus to talk to the lonely boss through the app on his smartphone, whether at work or outdoors. Ultra-sharp picture quality makes it easy for users to track their pets during the day and evening. In addition, this machine also has the function of pulling out delicious food granules. So, we can both talk to our pets and make them happy too. Wonderful. Modern therefore this machine is quite expensive, up to 200 USD (around 4.5 million VND), so not everyone has the opportunity to use and experience it.

Paw Plunger Dog Foot Cleaning Mug

Loạt đồ chăm sóc chiều lòng các boss chó mèo đang khó ở - Ảnh 3.

With this dog’s foot hygiene mug, lotuses can say goodbye to obnoxious stains that bosses often put on sofas or walls in the house. Possessing a nail polish remover-like design but much larger, the Paw Plunger comes in multiple sizes to match the size of a dog’s paw. The use is also very simple, just put each dirty dog’s paw in the cup, twist it slightly a few times and then remove it. All the dirt will be gently rubbed by the soft bristles of the cup without hurting your baby. The starting price for this mug is $ 15-25 (equivalent to VND 340,000-560,000) for three different sizes, small and large, definitely worth a try.

Loạt đồ chăm sóc chiều lòng các boss chó mèo đang khó ở - Ảnh 4.

If you’re worried that your cat is slowly losing their rat catching instincts, the No Bowl Food Container makes a great gift for the owner and me. The bowl has a mouse-shaped design. Therefore, the No Bowl not only helps cats practice their hunting and handling skills, but also acts as a toy, helping them increase mobility, less sadness and happiness. We can put many mice in the house at the same time as a search game for our cats. Whenever you are hungry, even when you are not at home, cats are content to pick up their buttocks and “chase” only. The No Bowl product set is currently priced at $ 40 (equivalent to VND 850,000), although a bit pricey it is worth a try.

Necoichi high leg bowl

Loạt đồ chăm sóc chiều lòng các boss chó mèo đang khó ở - Ảnh 5.

If your emperor has trouble bowing and bowing gracefully every time you eat, buy this foot tall bowl. According to many promising reviews from people who bought this bowl, the bowl turned out to be very useful. Cats love them and are easier to eat and drink than ever before. Raising the plate also makes them less likely to suffocate and reflux food. The small rimmed bowl helps minimize food scraps while the emperors are absorbed and is also easy to hand and machine wash or microwave conveniently. This pretty bowl sells well on Amazon and is priced at $ 14 (equivalent to VND 315,000).

Wooly Snuffle Food Mat

Loạt đồ chăm sóc chiều lòng các boss chó mèo đang khó ở - Ảnh 6.

Dumb bosses are always more interested in hidden food than what is available in their bowls. The dry food hidden in the matted mat will stimulate elite noses and spark dogs’ seek and seek instincts. Even picky and inactive dogs will show upbe much more active with this way of hiding food. The carpet is dark gray which makes it easy to hide. In addition, it is made of a sturdy fabric, unharmed when bitten and can be easily washed in a washing machine. With this super cool mat, we can indulge their curious mischief and fill their bottomless stomachs, while still having our hands free to rest. At present, the abundant lotuses can buy this carpet for around 40 USD (around 900,000 VND).

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