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A giant hunter spider creeps on a house wall in Australia

Laree Clarke saw a poisonous bowl-sized hunter spider on a wall in Townsville, Australia on July 30.

Clarke personally posted a photo of the growing spider on Facebook for advice on how to get it out of the house. “Is anyone taking this spider out of my house right now? I don’t have a container big enough,” Clarke wrote. She also shared that when she looked at the phone on the spider, she bared her fangs and lifted her legs to pose a threat.

Friends advised Clarke to try to burn the spider with a spray can, but some people believe that burning the spider can burn Clarke or even burn down the house. In the end, she drove the spider away safely. Hunting spiders live all over the world, with a stride of 25 to 30 cm. According to the Queensland Museum, most hunter spiders are harmless and insectivorous. They are easily identified for their large size and ability to crawl along walls.

In Australia, hunter spiders often roam people’s homes to hunt. Although she is hairy and looks quite intimidating, this spider is not dangerous. They are poisonous and can bite, but often appear timid when attacking and often hide when they feel threatened.

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