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A deformed two-headed snake-like creature in Argentina’s house

A woman in Santa Fe, Argentina, encountered the strange two-headed creature in her yard, drawing much speculation about its origin.

Luján Eroles, 46, saw the strange animal in his yard, Toke reported yesterday. The shaggy creature resembles a small, two-headed serpent, is approximately four inches long and has snake-like skin.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. It looked like a snake with strange eyes. I was afraid it would contain venom. We all thought it was a mutant, so it was a mutated animal. Recorded for everyone to view, ”Eroles said.

Many argue that the strange creature is the Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar, famous for its horn-shaped spines. Hawk-Moth Caterpillar inhabit a variety of environments, including country, woodland, and city gardens. They have two large eye-shaped markings on the back of their head to fool predators. This worm can be over 8.5cm long and shaped like a trunk.

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