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9 most expensive dog breeds in the world, and Vietnam has 1

Many breeds of dogs are worth hundreds of millions each. And you know what, Vietnam also has such a breed.

Dogs from yesterday to today have long been attached to humans. We see them everywhere: from real life to culture, to art. Of the 12 dogs in the zodiac, the dog is ranked 11th – in homage to this animal’s contributions to humans.

Mau Tuat New Year has arrived, let’s take a look at the care and love we give to dogs. Whatever the price, they are well sought after and pampered – isn’t that love?

1. Tibetan clams (billions to hundreds of millions)

Also called “Ngao Tibet”. In ancient times, this breed was tamed by nomadic tribes in Tibet to protect owners and livestock from attack by wild animals.

With a courageous and hardly ever fearful nature, the Tibetan clam from the past to today is still recognized as the number 1 guardian. In addition, their muscular lion appearance is enough to cause the wild wolves to flee.

He is one of the largest and most powerful dogs in the world, but a smart and fast learner. Plus, Absolute Loyalty doesn’t blame people for spending $ 100 million on a puppy. There were even rare and valuable clams auctioned for up to billions of dong.

9 giống chó đắt tiền nhất thế giới, và Việt Nam có 1 trong số đó - Ảnh 1.

Are these qualities convincing enough for the price of 150 million?

Later, for a number of reasons, Tibetan clams no longer keep the “hot” level as before. Currently, the most expensive baby in China costs only $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 (around VND 44 million to 66 million). But anyway, with prices going up to billions of dong in the past, the Tibetan clam still deserves the leading position in the ranks of the world’s most expensive dogs.

2. Phu Quoc dog (over 300 million if purebred)

It also seems incredible. In Vietnam, it is enough to spend less than 10 million to have a Phu Quoc dog with many valuable characteristics. Even if it is a hybrid dog, or a few beautiful traits, sometimes the price is only 1 to 2 million.

But around the world Vietnamese Phu Quoc dogs can be sold for hundreds of millions of dong. As is the case with Catherine Lane – an Englishwoman in 2015.

She traveled to Vietnam, choosing a pair of black Phu Quoc dogs to bring back to the country. The pair of dogs gave birth to 4 puppies, and each was sold for … 10,000 pounds – more than 300 million VND at the exchange rate at the time.

In fact, the Phu Quoc dog is considered to be one of the rarest dog breeds. Basically, purebred Phu Quoc only exists on Phu Quoc Island and over time has created a genetic population that is very different from the rest. Currently only around 800 Phu Quoc are registered in the world alone.

9 giống chó đắt tiền nhất thế giới, và Việt Nam có 1 trong số đó - Ảnh 3.

The spine of the Phu Quoc dog – a feature that only exists in 3 species of dogs in the world

With low quantity, coupled with rare intelligence and distinctive appearance (a coat of hair inside out), Phu Quoc dog auctions often end with sky-high prices.

3. Samoyed (80 to 220 million VND)

In fact, the value of Samoyed today is not like that – only around 10-40 million. However, purebred Samoyeds, certified for many generations, can be sold for over 200 million VND.

With the “hypnotic” ability to make you love you at first sight, Samoyed is the second most wanted dog in the world. The Samoyed dog lived with the Samoyed (now Nenetsky) on the Taimyr Peninsula thousands of years ago and is revered by people all over Siberia for his rare capacity for loyalty.

Samoyed is likeable, but has the disadvantage of being relatively stubborn, difficult to teach. So when breeding, you have to be strict from the first days, if you don’t want to tire yourself later.

4. Löwchens (100 to 200 million VND)

Löwchens in German means “little lion”, and the breed originates from Germany and France.

Similar to Samoyed, you can easily own a Löwchens without spending too much money (around 6-10 million dong only).

However, if you really need strict quality, a dog like this can cost you a hundred million like playing.

Löwchens was brought up as a stage for the aristocracy, an indispensable companion of the rich. Perhaps this is due to the playful, mischievous and inquisitive personality that makes this breed very adorable.

After WWII, they were once threatened with extinction and are still among the “rare goods” in the dog world, although their numbers have been significantly restored.

5. English Bulldog (50 to 180 million)

Looking at this adorable dog, few people know that their ancestors must have gone through a bloody story. Aggressive and friendly, the early British bulls were often pushed into the arena to fight … cows – animals much larger than themselves, just for human entertainment. The name “bull dog” probably also comes from this game.

Over time, Bull Anh now finds it a little smaller, friendlier and softer. They are said to be quite gracious, love to be pampered and praised by their owners, voracious and easy to maintain.

6. Chow Chow (18 to 180 million dong)

Chow Chow is a breed of dog that originated in China. In the past, they were domesticated for work: hunting, towing cars, guarding … so they were very strong and quite fierce. Even so, the beautiful beauty and good looks of Chow Chow made Chow Chow beloved by the aristocracy. And so far, this is still the breed that a lot of people hunt.

Chow Chow keeps its price relatively high, despite its growing popularity. The lowest price for a Chow Chow is $ 15-18 million, and can jump as high as a hundred million if the dog is fully certified. Plus, Chow Chow comes in multiple sizes, and bigger costs more.

7. Rottweiler (30 to 170 million)

Rottweilers, also known as German Rotti or German Carrots, are no longer a foreign name for discerning dog players.

Rottweilers are a very popular German hunting dog due to their courageous nature, good fighting ability, and good pain tolerance. With proper training, they can grow into professional and professional rescue dogs.

9 giống chó đắt tiền nhất thế giới, và Việt Nam có 1 trong số đó - Ảnh 8.

But despite his very strong characteristics, the Rottweilers breed dog is very friendly, affectionate and easy to handle. Each individual’s personality can be very different, but in general they are rated as calm, less playful or destructive, less barking … – lots of cute dots, provided they are carefully trained by you.

Much like the Rottweiler value. With a good dog, the price hovers around 30 million. And if it’s a certified dog, the number jumps to hundreds of millions in an instant.

8. Pharaoh Hound (26 to 140 million)

Their name comes from their characteristic appearance in ancient Egyptian paintings – but in fact, they have nothing to do with this country.

9 giống chó đắt tiền nhất thế giới, và Việt Nam có 1 trong số đó - Ảnh 9.

The Pharaoh Hound is a former dog from the island nation of Malta, trained to hunt and defend the territory. The strength and courage have remained to this day, but it did not affect their modesty, affection and esteem.

The most special thing about them is that when they are too happy or excited about something, their ears and noses go … red all over the place.

9. Japanese Akita dog (16-100 million VND)

This breed is named after Akita Prefecture in northern Japan, believed to be their first homeland.

9 giống chó đắt tiền nhất thế giới, và Việt Nam có 1 trong số đó - Ảnh 10.

Previously, Akita was bred only by Japanese royalty and nobles for the purpose of hunting for entertainment. Currently, due to the small quantity and the law restricting the export of Akita outside of Japan to protect the purity of the species, the price per dog is not low.

However, known for their loyalty and affection for their owners, they are still among the most popular dog breeds.

9 giống chó đắt tiền nhất thế giới, và Việt Nam có 1 trong số đó - Ảnh 11.

The legendary Hachiko is also of the Akita breed – no clearer evidence of the characteristic qualities of the breed.

To their owners, they are very docile and devoted while displaying quite fiercely in front of strangers. If they are teased or have a bad idea of a visitor, they can attack them.

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