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5 golden foods for healthy eyes

Improving your diet is a great way to improve your eyesight.

Red peppers

Peppers provide a lot of vitamin C – one of the important factors for healthy eyesight. Peppers are also great for the blood vessels in your eyes, science has shown that peppers can reduce the risk of cataracts. Plus, peppers are also loaded with other antioxidants and vitamins to help protect your eyes.

Peppers can be eaten raw with salads, used as sauces, served with bread or served with stews or served with roasted meats. Peppers also increase the color and flavor of dishes and improve the health of dishes. This is the ideal factor for good eyesight.

Sunflower seeds and nuts

As recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture, an adult needs one ounce (1 ounce = 28.34 g) of sunflower seeds or almonds containing half the vitamin E. One study has revealed that vitamin E, along with other nutrients, can help slow the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The nutrients in sunflower seeds can also help prevent cataracts. Hazelnuts, peanuts, and peanut butter are also great sources of vitamin E for your eyes.

The leaves and vegetables are dark green

Kale and spinach are rich in both vitamins C and E. These green vegetables also contain the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. Vitamin A works to reduce the risk of long-term eye diseases, including age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Most people on a Western-style diet don’t get enough of these essential green vegetables.


When it comes to food for the eyes, carrots are always at the top of the list. In carrots, there is a lot of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which help improve overall eye health. Vitamin A improves the health of the lens and cornea, beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant that helps limit the damaging effects of free radicals. Plus, beta-carotene is good for the lens and macula, helping to limit cataracts and macular degeneration.

Plus, carrots are high in fiber and potassium. Potassium helps balance the amount of fluids in the body, and fiber is good for the digestive system. Carrots are also high in falcarinol, a substance that can slow the growth of cancer cells. Carrots are also great for those on a diet, with the added benefit of being low in fat and not worrying about your weight. Along with a good source of fiber, carrots keep you fuller for longer, thus helping to limit your intake further.


Salmon belongs to the catfish family such as sardines, herring, mackerel, and halibut … are all a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, an essential nutrient for healthy eyes. A scientific study conducted by doctors at an eye hospital has shown that regular consumption of salmon reduces the risk of macular degeneration by 38%. What’s more, salmon also helps reduce and limit the dry eye that often occurs in older people. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids also help lower cholesterol, slow down and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to omega-3s, salmon also contains a lot of vitamin D which improves eye health and is an essential nutrient for the body’s development. Vitamin D deficiency causes cardiovascular disease, type 1 diabetes, increasing the risk of cancer … Eat salmon regularly for healthy eyes and body. The tryptophan content in salmon acts as a safe tranquilizer, helping to relieve stress and facilitate sleep.

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