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10 reasons why parents should feed their babies pets

1. Reduced risk of allergies and asthma

– Many parents worry that cats, dogs and pet waste will cause allergies to their babies. The results, published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy, show that babies who grow up with a pet will halve the likelihood of developing serious allergic diseases. Babies in the country are in contact with domestic animals, so their bodies are stronger and healthier than well-kept city children.

2. Increase mobility and playing ability

– To take care of a pet, the child should exercise and play with animals, especially dogs to help develop the physical health and health of the child.

– Every day, making a habit of getting up early and taking the dog for exercise in the morning in the light and fresh air will definitely help your baby to grow stronger and taller, minimizing related problems . for health.

3. Adopt a responsible lifestyle

– A child who is not designed for a responsible and caring lifestyle is often stubborn and selfish. With pets, children will soon develop a sense of responsibility and take care of others.

– Pets need attention and care anywhere and anytime. They depend on the farmer, from meal to entertainment. Children who enjoy having pets often learn empathy and compassion. If you are too young, your baby can help the parents fill the animal’s bowl with water or food. As they age, they can do more to take care of animals.

4. Increase the calm

– Some children feel more comfortable with animals when they are near animals. Like adults, children tend to turn to animals when they are feeling sad, angry, or upset.

– Surprisingly, animals will bring a feeling of peace to the child and they always reveal unconditional love. Pets are generally not deceptive. For the owner, it always shows love and attachment. It helps children to reduce stress, to feel carefree and more comfortable.

5. Relieve stress

In addition to helping children calm down, dogs also help children reduce stress. Just cuddling your puppy can help your baby feel secure. A lot of people often get angry when they are mad at their puppies to make themselves comfortable again. Dogs listen and never speak again. He also never gives advice that the speaker does not want to hear. It is simply soothing to the stressed out with his attitude and his emotions.

– Although cats are more “stubborn” than dogs, but as a pet, it can still help you get rid of unnecessary stress. When we hold a curled up cat in our arms, stroking its soft fur, our frustrations disappear.

6. Improve reading skills

– Many children feel more comfortable reading a book for their pets than for others. Probably because animals never judge, never make mistakes, never force them to read again. The key to improving reading skills is to practice over and over again. The better children read, the more they can benefit from books. When they are young, it is best that they read aloud so that they can hear their voice read.

– The child’s confidence and willingness to protect their pets will help children to be more daring in reading. You may have seen your kid reading a story to a doll or a pet, trust me if he does it with a pet, the effect will increase dramatically.

7. Learn about the consequences

– Taking care of a pet can learn a lot about the consequences. When pets are not properly cared for, the results are real and easily recognized. If the fish don’t eat it, it will die. If the dog is not allowed to run and jump, he may become irritable. When a cat is ignored, they often seek revenge and do something special to get attention …

8. Learn more about the commitments

– When a child grows up with a pet, the child himself must be committed to this animal. Because animals aren’t something kids can throw on the shelf if they feel tired of taking care of them. Animals should be fed, bathed, played and loved every day. Having a pet, the baby should stick with it and take care of it. Pet teaches kids about engagement and they will get the job done.

9. Increase confidence

– When your baby is successful in raising a pet, he will feel useful. Your baby’s self-esteem is increased and he feels more confident. Children will be proud of their accomplishments.

– Standing in front of the animal, the child will feel bigger and will increase the feeling of protection, responsibility, commitment, … It helps a lot for the development of the personality of the child. .

10. Increased discipline

Growing up with a pet, children learn a lot about discipline. If you have a dog at home, your baby will need to learn to train and teach him to listen. Science shows that having a dog helps children understand discipline better.

– Children will understand the consequences of non-compliance so that it is easier to accept the suggestions of their parents or teachers.

Which pet should you choose for your baby and your family?

What is the impact of the family lifestyle and the child’s psychophysiological characteristics on your choice of a pet? The choice of pets in the family should be calculated and considered, otherwise it will disturb and affect the lives of young children and the family.

Family characteristics, demographics, occupation: do you live in an urban or rural area? Living in a house or apartment, how much area can you have for animals? Do you know pets? …

Living area: Of course, your house needs space and is allowed to keep pets. Many of you live in an apartment or in an area that prohibits keeping certain types of pets (possibly due to illness). Usually, families with a small area should raise fish, reptiles, ornamental rats or birds. Cats are also an excellent choice for their cleanliness and discretion. For dogs, depending on size and exercise needs, the apartment or house should have a garden.

Children and the Elderly: Families with young children or the elderly living in the house should consider the size and activity of the animal. Puppies and kittens are often very active, but these sensitive animals need to be cared for with care. Large logging dogs can unknowingly cause accidents to the elderly and children.

– Other family pets: see what’s available and the compatibility of pets you have. Bringing new animals home can cause disturbance and aggression with existing animals by violating territoriality and sharing love with the owner.

– Family work: if your family is too busy but still want to keep pets, fish farming is probably a great choice as it doesn’t require you to keep an eye on it, but to keep dogs and cats Small requires you to spend a lot of time on it. In addition to feeding, the dog should also be promoted, socialized, and familiarized with other dogs to avoid problems later in adulthood.

– Learn About Animals: To raise your first pet, your family and baby must have love for them. Do not try to force your child to adopt a pet because the parents want it, the child’s voice is very important. You can show your baby the animal clips on YouTube for them to choose from or watch books. Tim understands pet information with care to support children with care. If you do not know how to take care of sick or dead animals, it will cause sadness in young children. If you do not have the ability to raise, it is best not to have pets in the family.

Note on pet options for the family

Parents should educate themselves about safe pet supplies and pet health issues. Pets, while they have many benefits for young children, can also be a potential source of illness.

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