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10 bloody armor battles in history

The Battle of Changping in China, the Siege of Jerusalem or the Baghdad War were the battles that killed the most people in the history of the Early War.

Battle of Didgori

Memorial of the battle of Didgori.

On 12/8/1121 AD, war broke out when the Seljuk Empire invaded the Kingdom of Georgia. The invaders carried between 400,000 and 600,000 soldiers while the army of the Kingdom of Georgia numbered only about 55,000 people. In order to deceive the enemy, a cavalry squad of 200 men pretended to surrender to the enemy and demanded to meet the leader of the Seljuk army. Immediately after his approach, this group of people immediately turned their heads, rushing to kill the enemy leader. The loss of generals caused the Seljuq to lose up to 300,000 people.

The Battle of Mount Badger

Badger mountain battle simulation.

In 1210, Genghis Khan of Mongolia attacked China’s Golden Dynasty after King Weishaowang ordered the execution of the Mongol envoy. To oppose Genghis Khan’s army, King Kim sent 500,000 troops to entrenched Mount Badger. The Mongols surrounded the area and attacked. Bloody fighting killed most of Kim’s army. The Battle of Mount Badger cut Kim’s mighty army in half.

Battle of Truong Binh

This is the battle between the Qin and Zhao armies of China. Qin Shihuang sent troops to invade Trieu in 260 BC. In the first attack, the Qin army destroyed 400,000 Zhao soldiers. After that, Zhao’s army ambushed Qin’s army, killing around 250,000 soldiers. However, the Qin Army was still strong enough to surround the opponent for 46 days, causing them to surrender. The Qin Army won, but the war losses amounted to 650,000 people.

Siege of Jerusalem

Siege of Jerusalem between the Roman Empire and the Jews.

The war between the Roman Empire and the Jews first took place in AD 70 in Jerusalem. With 70,000 troops, the Roman Empire easily overwhelmed the enemy army. After occupying this land, the invaders kill anyone they suspect to be a dissident. The death toll was around 40,000, but the war in Jerusalem left 1,100,000 dead, mostly civilians.

The siege of Baghdad

In 1258 AD, Genghis Khan’s army surrounded Baghdad. Mongolian army commander Genghis Khan demanded the surrender of Baghdad soldiers. Because there were only 50,000 men, a third of the Mongols, Baghdad dropped their weapons. This bad decision sparked a bloody massacre in the city.

The Baghdad massacre left more than a million dead.

After taking the city, the Mongols executed 50,000 soldiers who surrendered and killed around 1,000,000 civilians in the city. However, numerous documents indicate that the number of people killed reached 2,000,000 civilians. Historians cannot determine the exact number of people killed in the siege of Baghdad, but the minimum number of people killed survived the bloodiest battles in the history of primitive warfare.

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